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V174 Valve springs

V174 Valve springs
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Price: £152.50
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Model: GP
Manufacturer: VEGA


Vega part no . V174

Double valve springs specially designed for todays high revving, high lift engines. Tested to over 14,000 rpm these springs are suitable for even the most radical cam lifts.
Fits Vega 5 & 6 mm retainers.


41.0 mm unsprung length
28.7 mm diameter

length 32 mm 36.6 kg
length 30 mm 45.4 kg
length 28 mm 54.4 kg
length 25 mm 67.8 kg
length 22 mm 82.7 kg
length 20 mm 94.0 kg


Previous Vega ref : VS04

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