Vega Cosworth

Vega Racing Components has teamed up with Cosworth, the former F1 engine supplier to produce an exclusive range of speedway piston kits.


Specifications include :-

  • Xylan Skirt coating – Excellent anti-friction and bedding in properties
  • DLC pins - reduced friction in pin bore, fatigue life superior to bare steel pins
  • Polished crowns – Optimises surface finish for minimum fatigue and also reduces carbon build up
  • Fully forged slipper piston – FEA designed on site at Cosworth
  • High performance 2618 material
  • Accumulator Groove - Increases compression ring seal by lowering the pressure between 1st  and 2nd Rings
  • Coated ring pack – Latest gas nitriding technology for the most compatible ring to bore seal